Automotive cables

Automotive Cables

Sansri cross-link automotive wire is constructed with chemically altered polyethylene insulation, making it more durable and resistant to heat than standard GPT automotive wire. Our auto wiring features a smooth surface finish and is resistant to moisture, grease, oil, gasoline, most acids and solvents. It's typically used in high temperature areas, such as connecting wiring to circuit protection devices or fuse blocks in engine compartments or automotive wiring connectors. Our cross-link wire meets SAE J1128 standards and is designed for applications where higher heat resistance is required. It's offered in standard wall to extra thin wall insulation for space and weight reduction.

GXL Wire is recommended for use in harsh, high temperature environments where high heat resistance is required as per SAE J-1128.

TXL wire meets the requirements of SAE J-1560.

With over a decade of expertise in the wire and cable manufacturing business, Sansri is one of the leading automotive wire manufacturer in India. We manufacture wires that meet critical demands of the automotive industry. Our wire is used in several high and low voltage electrical circuits. These wires can be used for general as well as specialized purposes. The copper strands used in our wire is of superior quality, which enables faster and more secure connections. We provide a variety of insulation material options that increase the flexibility and durability of the wire.

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