Power cables

Power Cables

These multi-conductor power cables can be used in a variety of industrial environments both indoors and outdoors. Typical applications for these flexible power cables include wiring for industrial machinery, large appliances, heavy duty tools, motors, mining cable and temporary electrical power and lighting for construction sites. These flexible portable power cords are also referred to as: SO cord, SO cable, SJ cord, SJ cable, SOW cable, SOOW cable, SEOOW cable, cable power cord, flexible power cable, hard service cord, hard usage cord, mining cable, multiconductor cable, four conductor cable or 2-,3-, or 4-wire power cable.

These flexible power cables can be suspended, but must be connected to devices and to fittings so that tension is not transmitted to joints or terminals. When used to connect utilization equipment such as power generators, these flexible multiconductor cables must have an attached plug to allow frequent interchange.

These types of portable power cables are permitted to be run through walls, structural ceiling.

Sansri's Integrated Power Cables facility manufactures and supplies MV, HV and EHV cables. The Plant is equipped with facilities for rod rolling, wire drawing, heat treatment and stranding to ensure precise tolerances to all international standards and stringent specification. A technology upgrade review is periodically undertaken to keep abreast with the latest manufacturing technology.

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