Aerospace cables

Aerospace Cables

Mil-Spec wire is wire built in accordance with military specifications. The wire is specially designed for the harshest environments. MIL spec wire and cable, including aircraft cable, marine cable, and more is supplied by Sansri. For high frequency electronic applications where high temperatures will be encountered. MIL-Spec wiring coated with PTFE has excellent, stable electrical characteristics with low power loss. Our broad choice of wire, including Mil-Spec Wire, Aircraft Cable, and Aerospace Cable, helps ensure you will find a product for every application and requirement. Sansri Wire's military cable and aircraft cable may be used for military ground vehicles, airframe point-to-point wiring, shielding and protective covering, and high current applications. Sansri also carries a selection of quality aircraft cable and aerospace cable.

Our Mil-Spec wire, aircraft cable, and aerospace cable are available in numerous styles, sizes, and conductors. Our clients in the military and aerospace industries rely on our mil spec wire and cable to perform within an array of applications.

Our conductors, shields, insulation, and jackets, are all composed from numerous different material options.

Custom and mil-spec wire and cables for aerospace and aircraft applications can be designed, built and shipped

  • Weight and space saving designs
  • Mechanically rugged constructions to survive crush, impact, torsional flex, abrasion and more
  • Sansri's mil-spec and custom wire and cable for aerospace and aircraft applications exceeds stringent quality requirements for demanding applications such as: 
    • Commercial and military airframes
    • Aerospace and avionics
    • In-flight electronic communication systems
    • Entertainment cables
    • Missile guidance
    • Satellite systems and more
  • Guaranteed performance and reliability and Delivered within budget and on-time

Some of our products are :

  • Hook-up wires EN-ASNE
  • Hook-up wires MIL
  • Data transmission cables
  • Space Wires
  • Thermocouples and Special Cables

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