Defence cables

Defence Cables

Defence and national securities are key interests for all countries which is enhancing the growth of defence industries. Highly Efficient Technologies are required for the developments of cables to cater the required levels. The hardcore solution are to be produced towards the easy installations , agility , fast transmissions , suitable to all weather conditions , safety , performance ,efficiency. Sansri is always involved in progressive measures to produce the best cable suited. Its received a good results in telecommunication cables, ground defence cables, radar systems, radio cables complying stringent MIL specs.

Sansri has been delivering test cable and wires engineering solutions to the defence industry since 2 decades. As technology improves, the demand on quality enhancements also increases. We build our specialised cables and wires using military standard, tried and tested technologies that enables us to support our solutions throughout your product life-cycle. Our defence equipment manufacturing customer demand and receive rugged, reliable and fit for purpose electrical wires and cable solutions. We are specialists in designing and building cable solutions that have "designed in" unique technology such as undersea cables, High Temperature resistant cables , Multilevel stress jacketing , torsional adverse filled cables providing you with well architected systems that will provide the best solution you are looking for.

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